Sunday, 4 February 2018

Birthday Top Simplicity 8124

Hello greetings from humidity central. This summer has been so humid and uncomfortable. Although we just had a week of cooler weather.
Personally I have not had a great start to the year, first my knee and then a flu/virus that knocked me for 6. I was in bed for a week. I missed the first week of school, which is unheard of. Anyway I am starting to feel better. Sewing has not been happening, my plans flew out the window. However I did make a top before I got sick.
It was birthday a week ago so I made a top to go to lunch Simplicity 8124 Cynthia Rowley
I needed a top that was loose and comfortable. I can't stand anything tight fitting at the moment.

A super easy and quick top. I made a XL because I wanted it very full and flowing. You could definitely go down a few sizes if you don't like that. I cut quite a few inches off the hem but I am a shorty, next time I will leave it a bit longer . I cut off about 3 inches off the sleeves. The sleeves are exceptionally long.
The fabric was from my stash. I love this blue and I love polka dots. A great success.

This is where we had lunch. The Manly Pavilion at Manly. If ever your in Sydney it's a lovely place with great food.

                                              Happy Creating !

Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Year and new ideas

I don't know about any one else but I find it difficult to rein in my ideas. I have too many ideas and then have trouble starting any, certainly a weakness however not a total disaster, too many ideas is a better option than none at all.

This January I have time . I'm on holidays and I'm not going away.  Potentially a great start, and then a tear  in my meniscus puts me out of action. Now I'm on the mend and I can walk, sewing can begin or continue.

I have a dress underway but for my MAGM project  I want to copy this T-shirt.
I saw this a few years ago and love the trim around the neck. I am going to copy this idea with these trims. The grey fabric I had in my stash and I bought it from the The Fabric Store.

So for the pattern for the T shirt  will be Ebony T shirt from Closet case patterns.

To try and keep the idea of sewing outfits  rather than just pieces I am going to make pants, Style Arc Luna Stretch Pant
 I am using one of these fabrics . One is a cotton stretch and the other is fabric from Style Arc 

They are quite close in colour.  They are more orange than the image indicates. 
I am looking forward to sewing time.

Happy Creating!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Just Do it!

2018 sign-001 copy.jpg

Can't wait to start. I need to work out a plan for my summer wardrobe. The weather has been hot and humid and I seem to be lacking cool comfortable dresses and tops.
 A bit scary a whole year without purchasing clothes but if you don't try you will never succeed.

                                           Happy Creating!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

A new start

Can hardly believe it is so long since my last post. I didn't sew much this year and photographed even less. I had a temporary promotion and was head of our faculty, which was a great experience but longer hours and more work so sewing suffered, I did love the job though.

A new start for 2018. I've cut my work week back to 3 days which I am really looking forward to. I'm going to be a grandmother in February, all going well and I've joined the RTW fast over at Goodbye Valentino,   Goobye Valentino RTW fast.

I am quite excited about this. I have so much fabric and so many patterns that I would like to use and I thought this may be a great challenge. I just need to get my sewing mojo back. My greatest issue is adjusting patterns. I used to sew straight out of the packet but not these days, everything needs adjusting and I procrastinate about this constantly. This is a challenge but one I am hoping to overcome.  Hopefully with more time in 2018 thiswon't be an issue anymore.

In 2017 I made a couple of Ebony T shirt . Super simple and love them, I have worn these constantly. I will definitely be making more of these in 2018. I did sew this without any adjustments

I also made a knit tube skirt, copied from a RTW skirt which was about $160.00 AU.  The skirt cost me about $ 40.00 to make. The hardest part was finding the striped red and white fabric. Eventually I found it at The Drapery.
This is a fabric store in Adelaide, they have lovely fabrics worth looking at.

I also made another  skirt McCall 6931
The fabric was from Tessuti fabrics a few years ago. I love the fabric but maybe not the best for this pattern, it is a bit stiff. I haven't worn this yet because I don't have a top that goes with it but I will get to it.

Looking forward to 2018 more sewing and painting. Happy New Year to everyone. All the best with your sewing.

                                           Happy Creating!


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Stripes and sleeves

Sewing has been slow but I have sewn a few items, yet to be blogged and photographed. I thought I would try with a new top. My inspiration has come from RTW striped tops.

I really like these striped tops. I love the loose shape and the loose sleeves.
When I was folding and tidying my stash in the last holiday I rediscovered this lovely striped fabric that I bought from Tessuti's a couple of years ago and I thought it would make a lovely top using Harlow Top Style Arc

So that's my plan. The fabric is so pretty with the floral and stripe. I just have to make time, a commodity that is running short in my life

                                       Enjoy your sewing !

Friday, 27 January 2017

An Indian adventure

I spent the last few weeks in India at a friends son's wedding. It was an exciting event in so many ways and India is a confronting destination in so many ways. As sewers and fabric lovers India is a paradise. I wore 3 different saris for the wedding. The fabric in saris is breathtaking, the colours and the silks and embellishments are amazing.

I felt so elegant in these saris, they certainly are a fabulous way to dress. I'm not quite sure what to do with these now but I'm sure I will use the fabric somehow
As for fabric, India is heaven for fabric lovers. There are so many places to buy fabric, its amazing.
We went to an enormous fabric store in Chennai. It was so overwhelming I didn't know where to start.

There were 2 floors the length of an enormous warehouse. Unfortunately I had to be quite restrained because I did have to carry the fabric home in a suitcase. If I went to India again I would just take an empty suitcase and fill the suitcase with all the beautiful cottons and silks. They are also quite inexpensive, another bonus.
I did purchase these lovely cottons from this store.
 Then we went to Jaipur and visited a co-op that was retraining farmers to hand print fabric. Each colour was done individually, just amazing. I bought these silk cottons that feel incredible. There was also an embroidered silk on sale, I could have gone crazy again but again I was restrained. Now of course I'm  home  I wish I had bought more fabric.

All in all an interesting trip. India is an amazing country that does present challenges. Attending an Indian wedding that went for 3 days and visiting the Taj Mahal are certainly bucket list items that are  now ticked off.

.Image may contain: outdoor

                                        Happy Sewing!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The fabric is the winner

Happy New Year, I forgot to say this in my last post.  This post is about the fabric. I bought this fabric from Tessuti's, I bought the last piece. It is an Italian ponti, not what I would normally use for summer, however I felt a  straight skirt would show off the fabric. I dress would be lovely but a little to much pattern for me.
I just love this fabric there is so much going on. The pattern is STyle Arc Rita Ponte skirt. 
A simple straight skirt.I lengthened the pattern because I wanted almost a maxi length. I also didn't peg the sides in much because I needed to be able to walk in it.
It will be interesting when I wear this to school and what the boys response to the fabric will be, some of them will be quite intrigued. I have worn this a few times already.

I am pretty happy with this skirt. Super easy and winning fabric.

                                                  Happy Sewing !