Saturday, 8 October 2016

A summer plan

Rarely do I plan my sewing. I admire people who plan and I decided I should be one of those people. So I started thinking about what I buy in RTW and it is usually plain colours and usually not the latest trends. This summer I'm going to try and stick to this idea. At the moment I love navy and white. A classic combination that always looks smart. This will be my base, pants, tops and skirts in a variety of styles that are cool and comfortable.
My first project are pants and a top using these fabrics.
The stripe is from Tessuti"s a lovely navy linen.   
The white fabric is from my stash. It is a lovely embroidered white cotton that was hiding underneath some other white fabric,  a very exciting find. I have masses of the white fabric so I think I will make 2 tops. You can never have enough white tops in summer.
These are the patterns I have pulled out.
I have made the Simplicity 1660 before and that was a really nice pattern. I have made McCall's 5050 many times over the years and will probably use this one for a top. The other 2 patterns I haven't used, McCall's 7125 and Butterick 5356. I like the sleeves in the McCall's and the shape in the Butterick. I think either would be fine.
The pants I am using are Style Arc Tessa Pant. A simple elastic waist pant.
I am hoping this will be my summer linen pants pattern.
This is step 1 in my Summer Wardrobe plan.
                                 Enjoy your sewing!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

September Sewing

Well I was hoping to sew for 30 minutes a day in September unfortunately that didn't happen.  I probably thought about sewing at least 30 minutes a day though . I did some sewing and finished off a couple of items. All the patterns were by Style Arc  the Ursula Ponte Skirt, the Rita Ponte Skirt and the Kim Swing Top.
The Kim Swing top is a really nice top. The fabric I used was a ponte which is probably too thick for this drapey top but I had it in my stash and it went with the skirt.  I'm not wrapped in the colour, it reminds me of  daggy school uniforms, but it was fine. The top is also too long for the skirt but I'm sure I can wear this top with pants.  I added a band to the sleeves because they were a bit short for the cooler weather. and the thickness of the fabric. I made this top straight out of the envelope. I will definitely be making this top again in a lovely drapey knit.
The skirt was so easy. Next time I will peg it in slightly and make it a bit longer. A super quick make.
The fabric was a lovely Ponti I bought from Tessuti's last year.
The other skirt fabric was from my stash; plus I used the remnants from the Rita skirt which I used for the panels. It was a bit short for my liking  so I added a band to the hem.
The Ursula skirt was a bit tighter which could have been the fabric as well but I think it fits better.
In this photo you can see the side band and hem band. It was great to use up some leftover fabric.
All these were good patterns that were very easy to make.

                                                    Enjoy your Sewing!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Trying keep on trying

I can't believe it's September. Time flies. I have done some sewing but I need to get some pictures. I also want to follow Star threads to sew or do something related to seeing for thirty minutes. Well it's the 2nd and I spent at least, if not more and bought fabric on line. I

hope that counts.

Also I wrote a blog post. At least my mind is on sewing I just have to get my body to follow.
                            Happy seeing!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Winter is here !

Compared to other parts of the world we don't have a cold winter in Sydney but at the moment winter has come. I know it will only last for a short time but every year I struggle. I have some lovely winter fabrics that I bought years and years ago. I always have ideas but never get around to sewing this fabric into winter garments.
This year I am going to sew some of this fabric and if I don't sew it up this year I'm going to take it to the Fabric Cave or give it away.
So its winter holidays now. I have 3 weeks off. I do have marking and some preparation for a presentation but I'm exhausted, it has been a difficult 2 terms with very challenging students so I decided I needed to rest, stay home and hopefully sew some of my winter fabrics. I am really looking forward to this break.
That's my pledge to myself. Wish me luck!

                                                Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

An almost finished jacket

This jacket, which for some reason took me forever is finally (well almost) done.
The Jacket is OOP  Vogue 8623 which has been sitting in my sewing room at various stages for years. I'm not quite sure why, because I really like this pattern and I love the fabric.

I love the collar in this jacket and I love the pleat at the back.  I even lined the jacket which is something I avoid constantly. Even that turned out to be quite simple.

 As far as sewing the jacket I had no problems at all. The collar went on well and the whole jacket  came together really well, in fact it was quite easy.
The fabric is a textured thick cotton, I'm not sure what the name of it is, but it is quite stiff, which I think suits the style of the jacket. 
The only part of the construction I haven't done is the buttonholes. My sewing machine is not sewing buttonholes well and I didn't want to wreck the front, so I will leave that till I have the machine serviced.
Overall I am very happy with this addition to my wardrobe.
                                    Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

A finished dress in Autumn tones.

I started this dress as a wearable muslin for my son's wedding last year. I abandoned the dress after I decided it would look like a sack in the fabric that I originally chose. However I have finished the muslin now and I'm pretty happy .
The pattern is Vogue 8786. The fabric was from Spotlight a few years ago. The fabric is stretch woven but it is quite thick but I loved the colours. The black fabric was a stretch cotton I had. As usual I am a bit nervous about sizing and I err on the side of too large but that's ok. If I make this again I would make a size smaller.
You can see here it is quite loose.

I like the front and back seams. It is a little difficult to see in this fabric but I think they give definition and interest but not much shaping. As others have found this pattern is on the generous side.
 For the top closure I made a self covered button . I haven't made one of these in years. Possibly the dress is a bit long so I may take it up.

This was very quick to sew up. I think it would be really nice in a ponti type fabric, that has substance to it. The dress would be nice with boots and a cardigan for  Autumn. I will try this pattern again.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Moreish March been and gone.

Hello, I know most people say it but I can't believe how time goes. I haven't blogged for nearly a month. It is such a pain how work gets in the way of doing the things I love but I guess I need to be able to pay for my addictions.
My garment of the month in March was going to be T-Shirts, within the theme of moreish March. Previously I made New Look 6323 here and really liked how it fitted. So I decided I would make a short sleeve version for summer.
I especially love the back in this T-Shirt.
The fabric is a lovely stretch from Tessuti. I bought the fabric at the end of last year. It's beautiful to wear. I have worn this many times . It is like wearing times pj's to work. It is very pretty fabric, so soft to touch and easy to sew.

My idea for Moreish March was to make a pile of T shirts that will work for work and play but alas
work has been difficult  and all consuming. I have had some very difficult students and classes and this makes me exhausted, so sewing and blogging have definitely taken a back seat.. Luckily though I now have a 2 week break and not too much school work to do these holidays.
Here in Sydney the weather is still really warm so these holidays I am going to try and catch up with my sewing and T-shirts will definitely be a priority.
 Also I have gone back to painting this term, which I must admit, has been keeping me sane.

                                         Happy Sewing !